7 Reasons You Should be on Snapchat

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While Snapchat may not be new, there’s still a lot of resistance from travel bloggers to use it. Until recently I was one of these bloggers!

I, like most others, didn’t see the point in a social media platform that deletes your work after 24 hours. Who wants to waste their time on something that just gets deleted? Knowing that video is the future, I opted for Periscope instead. It seemed like the sensible option! After having it for several months and only using it twice to create terrible quality videos, I gave up with it.

Then while on a bloggers trip in India I met Janet (Journalist on the Run) and she slowly started to convince me that Snapchat was awesome. Now I’m totally addicted to it and I want to share with you why it’s a good tool for your blog.


1. It works offline

My favourite feature of Snapchat is that you can record “snaps” while you have no wifi and then upload them to your story later when you have an internet connection. This meant while I was hiking a mountain in India I could snap away and then post them all later that evening. If it wasn’t for Snapchat my audience wouldn’t have gotten any video footage of my hike and it was definitely one worth sharing!


2. It’s Real

Don’t get me wrong, I love Instagram but its is, for the most part, fake. With all the filter options available you never know if you’re seeing a true image or not. With Snapchat though, it’s all real footage and that’s why I love it. You can see what you’re favourite bloggers are really up to when they travel.


3. It’s Personal

The thing I love about travel blogs over magazine articles is that they are personal and you feel more connected to the writer so Snapchat is perfect for travel bloggers. It’s the one social media platform where you don’t really have to worry about being ‘professional’ and can just be yourself.


4. It’s Fun

Snapchat is just about having fun and being silly. Sure, we let everyone know what we’re up to but in a way that’s fun. The face effects are my favourite part and as they get updated and changed regularly it’s always fun to see what effects you’ll get. One day you can be a dog, then a princes and even a famous face like Bob Marley!


5. It’s not a Popularity Contest

Unlike all the other social media platforms out there, Snapchat doesn’t count how many followers you have. You can see how many people have watched individual snaps but that’s it. Because people aren’t following you just so you follow them back, they’ll be your most loyal, genuine followers.


6. It’s Easy

It really doesn’t take much effort to use Snapchat. All you have to do is take your phone out a couple times a day and record what you’re doing. Although, if you’re like me, you’ll get addicted to it and will want to snap everything you’re doing!


7. Snapchat is Huge

Snapchat boasts 100 million daily users and is increasing at a rapid rate so why wouldn’t you want to be part of this? If you’re audience are there you should at least be considering it. You could at least sign up, try it for a few weeks and if you don’t like it you don’t have to keep using it.


Me Snapchat Preview


So hopefully i’ve convinced you to at least give Snapchat a try which means you need to know who to follow. There are a few lists out there already but they always seem to feature the same travel bloggers, for good reason, but i’m hoping to share some snappers that you may not have heard about but will also want to follow. 


First up, these are my favourite snappers right now who I always watch:


Janet – Journalist on the Run 

As the one who got me into Snapchat, it only seems fitting to put Janet first in my list. Janet is currently in Asia and is snapping some incredible things from full moon parties, to beautiful beaches, to luxury resorts. She’s a crazy Irish lady and one you definitely want to be following!

Janet Snapchat




Cailin O’Neil

I love watching Cailin’s snaps because she is so funny and entertaining. Cailin is always on the move and what I especially love about her snaps is she’ll tell you what the local food is and where the best places to eat are. I can get very hungry watching her snaps!

Cailin Snap



Backpacker Brock

Brock is also someone who is very good on Snapchat. He really lets his personality shine through on Snapchat which is why so many people watch him on a daily basis. He’s been traveling around central America recently and has just returned to Mexico. He’s another one who can make me hungry with all his snaps of delicious looking Mexican food!

Brock Snapchat



Brittany – The Sweet Wanderlust

Brittany is just the sweetest travel blogger out there, probably because she lives on an actual diet of sweets! But her snaps are fantastic to watch. She’s just finished a 2 week road trip around New Zealand where she did some amazing things and I can’t wait to see what she does next!

Brittany Snapchat



Will- The Broke Backpacker

Will is currently exploring India with Tinkerbell, his beloved tuk tuk and his snaps are fantastic to watch. He’s got a carefree attitude that’s inspiring and his snaps even include a few raps about Tinkerbell.

Will Snapchat



Travel Tom Tom

Tom has an energetic spirit that’s fun to watch. He’s currently exploring South East Asia and lately has been staying at some very fancy hotels. If you’re looking to find some fabulous hotels with amazing roof top pools keep an eye on Tom’s snaps!

Tom Snapchat



Curious Claire

I could hardly do a list of people to follow without including myself! I’m currently on a 3 month adventure around Asia and snapping all the things I get up to from cliff jumping to eating bugs! Like Cailin, i’m a little obsessed with all the new foods i’m experiencing and can’t help but snap them.

Curious Claire Snapchat



I’d also recommend these guys:


Sarah, Fit Travels – @fit_travels

The Blonde Abroad – @theblondeabroad

Flora The Explorer – @explorerflora

Gloria, The Blog Abroad – @gl0

Where is Tara? – @whereistara

Mademoiselle Nomad – @melle_nomad

Expat Edna – @expatedna

Vicky Flip Flop – @vickyflipflop



I hope to see you on Snapchat soon! Like this post? Don’t forget to pin the below image

Reasons to be on Snapchat

13 Responses

  1. Cheers for the mention lady! 🙂 Great article!

  2. I have it installed but dont use it for now.
    Safari Junkie recently posted…Making Shea Butter in GhanaMy Profile

    • Curious Claire

      I hope you give it a go soon. It’s a lot of fun watching everyone’s travels ‘live’

  3. I’m loving snapchat now too! I was so resistant before 🙂 thanks for including me. First time I’ve ever been in a snapchat round up!
    VickyFlipFlop recently posted…I’m St Kitts’ Music, Food & Culture Ambassador, Oh YeahhhMy Profile

    • Curious Claire

      You deserve to be mentioned. Love your snaps just didn’t start following you soon enough to get all the images to make you one of the main recommendations!

  4. I love snapchat! Love seeing everyone’s daily lives 🙂


  5. Maybe you have convinced me to have ago! Mind you, the thought of any more social media is enough to make me want a lie down, it is already taking up way too much time.
    marie recently posted…What to wear? A Shopaholics wardrobeMy Profile

    • Curious Claire

      Snapchat is great because it really doesn’t take much effort. You just pick up your phone when you’re at a cool place

  6. Thank you for the list! I’m SunnyInLondon2. I love Snapchat for all the reasons you mention. It’s far less work than Instagram and is so much more REAL! See you there
    Sunny in London (Melanie) recently posted…Royal Albert Hall Tour ReviewMy Profile

    • Curious Claire

      Yes it’s the only social media where you really see person behind the blog. I love it

  7. I was very hesitant in using it. My wife was on it and she was using it such weird ways I wasn’t interested. Looked like a kiddy, teeny bopper app. I was wrong. I’m addicted. You can be so creative with it!
    shayan Naveed recently posted…Top 5 Apps to discover new placesMy Profile

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